The prime pheasant season is mid-October to the end of January. Although the season opens in September, the birds are not mature, and their flight is not strong enough to provide true sporting shots.


Our driven and mini-driven shoots focus on pheasant, but mallard duck, partridge, snipe, woodcock, and pigeon are often shot on our mixed-wing walked-up shoots.


The shooting estates are located in the northeast region of Scotland. A countryside filled with rolling hills, rivers, craggy ravines, pristine woodland, game crops, and ground cover. The shooting estates pride themselves on maintaining their woodland, preserving the natural terrain of the land with untouched landscapes, and conservation of the wildlife that inhabits it.


September to November is likely to experience temperatures ranging from around 45°F to 60°F. The colors of fall are eye-catching and vibrant this time of year. December, January, and February average a maximum temperature around 41°F. It is possible that you will experience some snowfall in the winter months.


Rates start from: £4,500
You can find all pricing information at: www.craigsanquhar.com/available-shoots


Our base package includes five nights of accommodation and three days of shooting; two walked-up mixed-wing shoots and one driven shoot. We provide guns, ammunition, dogs, licensing, and insurance. Breakfast is included each day and lunch is provided each day that you shoot. Airport transfers and transportation to and from the shoot each day is also included.


You may bring your own gun; however, a UK gun license holder must collect from the airport. You may not bring it with you. We can arrange this service for an additional fee if you wish to do so. All ammunition must be purchased in the UK. We do have a selection of guns at Craigsanquhar that you may use as part of your package.

The weather is unpredictable this time of year so be prepared to layer. It is good practice to wear a shirt and tie on all days. For walked-up days, we strongly suggest a knee-height wellie-style boot. For the driven day, traditional tweeds, moleskin or corduroy-style trousers, and an ankle-height boot is suggested. Waterproof coat and trousers are priority for all days.


We recommend that you bring a small medicine pack with over-the-counter painkillers, relief for heartburn, allergy medicines, and anything that you are accustomed to using as they are significantly different in Scotland.


Q. Which airport should we fly into?
A. Edinburgh International Airport (EDI) is the closest airport with about an hour’s drive to Craigsanquhar. You may also fly into Glasgow International (GLA) which is about an hour-and-half drive.

Q. Is there wi-fi in the rooms?
A. Yes, wi-fi is provided free of charge throughout the Mansion House, bedrooms and villas.

Q. Do I need to bring an adapter?
A. We do have converters and adapters available for use upon request.

Q. Should I rent a car?
A. We provide transportation to and from the airport as well as to and from the shoots. Taxis are easily booked to the nearby town of St. Andrews and to the train station. However, if you plan to explore on your own or further afield, then we do recommend you rent a car.

Q. Can we bring a dog?
A. Unfortunately, due to the strict quarantine laws in the UK this is not possible for those traveling from North America.

Q. Can we bring home game?
A. If you wish to bring home game, we will need to use a taxidermy in the UK and ship to you in the US. We can arrange for this service at an additional price.

Q. Can we extend our stay?
A. Absolutely. We provide add-ons to any package such as an additional accommodation or additional night’s stay, additional shooting days, sightseeing, and any other activities you may be interested in.


We can arrange for you to play golf in St. Andrews and the surrounding golf courses, fishing, spa treatments, historical sightseeing of castles and fishing villages, or day trips to Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands.

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