Fish Species

January – November depending on each river

Atlantic Salmon

Known as one of the most prized fighting fish due to the salmon’s ability to use its power, speed, and weight. The Atlantic salmon live in freshwater as juveniles but migrate to the sea as adults and prefer the temperate and arctic regions of the northern hemisphere.

They return to their native freshwater rivers to spawn with incredible accuracy. Scotland provides idyllic angling opportunities to spin or fly fish for Atlantic salmon.

species of fish for fishing
species of fish for fishing
January – November depending on each river

Sea Trout

The sea trout is another prized fighting fish in the angling world. Although genetically the same as a brown trout, a sea trout migrates to the sea to feed and returns to its native freshwater river to spawn. There is no proven reason as to why some trout migrate to the sea and others do not.

The larger fish tend to migrate early around the months of May and the smaller fish enter back into the river systems sometime through June and July. Fly fishing is most common for sea trout but spinning is available on some rivers.

Mid-March – End of September depending on each river

Brown Trout

The brown trout is aggressive in nature and spends all its life in freshwater, preferring fast-flowing rivers filled with stones and gravel. They also return to their native river to spawn.

It is distinguished by its silvery-brown color, dark back, and yellow belly. You can fish for brown trout in almost all of Scotland’s river systems and lochs.

species of fish for fishing
fish under water for fishing
All year apart from November and March


A truly wild species in Scotland and a great species to fish in the winter. The presence of grayling often indicates very clean water.

They are quite elegant in appearance and prefer bright colored and flashy flies. Scotland offers some of the best Grayling fly fishing experiences in Europe.

Can be fished all year apart from November and March is considered the prim season.